How Do I Find My Soulmate

Long before puberty, we fell in love with the notion and concept of love told to us through mediums, including stories, music, favorite movies, and love-inspired films. At this point, the ultimate goal we bear innately is to meet one’s soulmate, your better half, your rib. There is definitely a one in a million chance that you will meet the love of your life, in the least owing to our terrible, negative habits that deflect them for us.

For some, it has been a futile search while the rest bask in the much-desired love from their soulmates. A majority of folks consider the role of Lady luck in one’s quest for true love; it is not entirely coincidental that it always has to do with luck. Unknowingly or not, some factors come to play, making it possible for lady luck to gravitate towards you.

Make it work for you by:

Establishing what you want in a partner

It sounds obvious and easy, but most people don’t really know what they are looking for in a partner. This is clearly evidenced by the string of unsuccessful relationships and exes that hate you to death. While you may not really know what you are looking for, pick hints by reflecting upon your previous relationships. Never helps with the chores? Probably the partner you are looking for is one who is kind, sweet, and considerate. With this in mind, you can deliberately seek out a partner who displays this trait. Some of the traits that cut across every lover’s wishlist include having an open-minded partner who is caring, affable humor, ambitious, and good with communicating his\her thoughts and feelings.

Finding grounds you feel you can meet the one

Having made your checklist, the next step is to sit and deliberate about finding your true love. Do the math. If you are looking for an adrenaline junkie, try activities that can bring you closer to finding one. You actively have to get yourself out there, only in the right place. It is rewarding when your efforts are aligned with your goal, increasing your chances of getting lucky. Most people are afraid that this may be a tedious job. However, this is quite the contrary. Most soulmates tend to enjoy similar hobbies. What more would you ask for? Finding the love of your life, enjoying the very things that you love.

Healing from your past

Baggage from the past can derail your love quest. It’s time to tear down the high walls you have built around you. The trauma, embarrassment, and negativity from failed relationships can choke the tender sprouts of love denying the love a chance to grow. You won’t expect to meet your soulmate if you treat your pursuers like your ex. While it is unfair to your love interest, it ruins your odds at finding love, at feeling anything than embarrassment, regret, and loathing. Just like a seedling, love requires nurture, care, and attention. Hard as it may be, not only will nurturing the love work in your favor but even as the love blossoms into a relationship, it will be grounded firmly on a strong foundation. Letting these negative feelings get in your way of love can only make things worse for you. If it helps the situation, keep the lessons learned closer to you, but not too close to ruin your next shot at love, true love this time.

Going big on self-love

The state of your relationships on the outside reflects largely on the work done on the inside. It all starts from within. Love for oneself must be overflowing to sustain one’s emotional needs, let alone accommodate the needs of another, for life. Purging your esteem issues can go a long way in attracting the perfect partner. Self-love is attractive because people want to be around those who have harnessed its power. Your self-image feeds the ideal lover’s idea to your intended if you are what they want in a partner. Self-love radiates confidence, balance, and proof of worth, blocking out the ugly feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, which are huge turnoffs and big dealbreakers for anyone on the hunt for the one. Be positive and as the law of attraction dictates, you are guaranteed to draw in people like you.

Eschewing the negative vibes

Recall the simple law of attraction where like attracts like and vice versa? Well, this law applies to love. If you carry a hopeless, low sense of self, you will most likely attract one the same, which is unlikely to be your true love. Gather yourself from your sorry state, rise like a phoenix, and watch your love life take a U-turn, but in the right direction now. Negative vibes widen the berth between you and people; even babies get cranky and upset when they feel bad vibes around them. And so does a potential soulmate because we are human. It is also the second nature that we lean towards what makes us happy and content, and if you are always negative, bitter, sad, or moody, that reflects a poor emotional scorecard. And that means you stand higher chances of getting struck by lightning than meeting the love of your life. Because this once in a lifetime opportunity can only find you in a balanced state of mind.

Trust your gut

Sometimes, you can tell by how you hit it off instantly, or how you understand each other so well, or how you have so much in common; it’s absurd. That could be the universe telling you that you have finally met the one. Humans are difficult, diverse creatures loving all sorts of things at different intensities. Meeting someone who thinks you are the perfect dose of crazy and amazing is near impossible. So if your gut gets the hunch, quit hesitating and follow its lead. Because sometimes, we find immense luck taking the least explored paths that usually end in happiness and satisfaction. It’s best to follow your intuition before dismissing it because your intuition is almost always right. Most often, we are guilty of taking the risk because the puzzle doesn’t fit yet. However, if you have but the slightest inkling about it, dive right in.

Be you

The values of truth and honesty constitute important elements in a relationship, established early on in the relationship. When you bruise the trust of your beloved, chances are you ruined the hopes of the long run, of having a happy future together. You probably won’t make it to old years together, keeping a façade and playing pretend. Eventually, the mask peels off, and you can’t hide behind a fake personality anymore. Your true soulmate loves you for what you are. With your lucky stars aligned in your favor, you will likely attract your true love in your ground state. Who wouldn’t want to be with someone who loves the person you are, in your own skin?

Keeping this in mind, finding the love of your life seems like an attainable goal with a defined strategy and tested and proven methods to make it happen. The love of your life is just but these seven love life hacks away.

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