How to Ask A Guy Out in A Cute Way

There are many ways to ask a guy out and tell him how you feel about him. Maybe a crush that you have on him. You can do this without looking or being desperate by being extremely romantic, creative, and girly. You should not feel weird asking a guy out, so there should be no reason as to why you should fear or be nervous.

Being shy doesn’t mean you can’t tell a guy that you like him; there are ways in which you can tell a guy how you feel about him without it being awkward. Some of this ways are highlighted below

1. Sending him shy and incomplete messages

This will ensure that he will figure out what you want to say on his own. Sending incomplete messages applies to the timid ones so that they can give the guy a hint. This kinds of advances are self-explanatory, and any guy will pick on the hints you have left for him. Some Of the incomplete messages that you can send to him are as follows:

• I wish to say something but am not sure of the reaction that I will get.

• Do you know that I like someone in class? Umm, but never mind.

• I am crushing on someone. Can I tell you?

• Can we go on a… Never mind.

• I want to tell you something, but I haven’t figured the way in which I will

2. Ask a guy out on your birthday

This may, however, not work if the guy is not your friend; hence you should be certain about your feelings as falling for friends can turn out to be blissful and also messy. So this is how you should approach this; when he is wishing you a happy birthday or giving you a gifted flirt with him by saying that what you really wished for has not been given to you. Obviously, he will ask you what it is; you should make a sweet face and then express your feelings for him. Tell him that you wanted a date with him as a birthday gift

3. Send cute notes by post

A fully handwritten page has become outdated, more so when you are still to date, but the cuteness of a written note is still alive. You should take a slight quad piece of cardboard and write with a brilliant pen that I like you. Draw a balloon or a small kiss on one region of the card and put it in an envelope, and send it to him by post.

The card should not have your name. Give the guy a notice that you have sent something to him. The expectations that he will be having will create a sense of excitement.

4. Go out as friends but return as Boyfriend and girlfriend

If you are crushing on one of your guy friends, be courageous and ask him if he desires to hang out at the joint or at the movies. You should, however, not tell him anything; rather, you should go just as friends who are hanging out with one another.

You should ensure that the moment you decide to tell him that you called him for a certain reason is a sweet one. You should be open and ensure that he knows you no longer wish to remain in the friend zone. He should know that you have a big crush on him. Although it is sneaky, it is rather cute and sweet

5. Ensure that you find ways in which you can get his help

This is the easiest way of asking a guy out without sounding desperate in any way. For instance, if the guy you like is an IT expert, you can ask for help in your laptop’s software installation. This excuse of getting his help will allow you to meet him often; thus, you should use this chances to impress and get him to have a liking for you

6. You can tell your best friend to ask him out for you

This is the easiest way of asking a guy out without looking desperate in any way. However, ensure that your friend is not prettier than you. Your friend can walk over to the guy if he has a couple of minutes to talk. Then she can reveal that you do have a crush on him. You should ensure that she will tell him that you think that the two of you would make the perfect couple.

7. You can make him ask you out by playing the do you have a girlfriend game

If you have a feeling that your crush also likes you, you can start a flirty conversation that can lead to him eventually asking you out. Some of the questions that you can pose while having a chat with him on the phone or over texts are as follows

• Do you have a girl in your life?

• Why don’t you have a girl?

• Do you like me?

• I would not mind at all dating you

• Are you requesting me to go out with you?

This questions will be helpful as they will help you in finding out if he likes you. It would be best if you kept on giving him hints about your crush, and probably by the conversation end, he may ask you out for a date

8. You can slip a note in his bag to ask him out

Lovers have found a way of expressing themselves by slipping notes into guys’ wallets, pockets, and bags. It is a no-nonsense and cute way of telling someone that you have a crush on them or like them. You should simply write on a piece of paper that I like you and ensure that it is folded many times as you are holding it on the tip of your fingers, then slip it into their bag or jacket pocket.

9. Sitting next to him on the bus

If he takes public transportation, ensure that you are sited next to him. Then strike up a dialogue, and as you have “accidentally bumped” into him, you will get a chance of giving him signs that you have a liking for him. You should find reasons to do some stuff as you are together on the bus

10. You should be bold and grasp a direct approach and ask him out

Some girls are extroverts and can grasp the direct approach of asking the guy they like out. Boys like this as they find themselves turned on and feel intimidated when a girl is this direct in expressing her feelings. You should flirt with him in person or on the phone. You should be on the lookout for signs if he has a liking for you in his body language. Gather the courage to let your heart speak out its feelings and must out the words I do like you. However, it should be of note that if you do indeed decide to follow this route, you should be strong mentally and be ready and prepared to handle rejection. You should not break down if he says no; rather, you should walk away.


Guys like being asked out, but most guys think that if she asks me out, she is ready to have sex; hence you must be aware of this. You should not have high expectations.

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