How to Ask A Guy Out without Getting Rejected

Are you trying to find the best method to ask a guy for out without getting rejected? If that is the case, worry not; you are in the right place at the right time. It’s time for you to take some action. Asking him for a coffee or a date is not that complicated but at the same time; it’s not a walk in the park.

But how can you do it? Rule of the thumb, you should not sound desperate in your asking expeditions, and he should accept your request. But how? The answer is straightforward; your request must be indirect in a way that he can’t reject.

The article here is for you.

If the society is an equal paradise, then the same way a man asks a woman for a date and expresses his desires without fear of contradiction should be applied by women. Most fairy tales, media, and entertainment sources indicate that if a woman asks for a date, it’s a weird adventure, and the woman may be morally incorrect. Meaning, men should take an active role while women should adopt a passive.

Such an approach toward relationships is completely wrong and should be completely ignored. Women should champion their desires without being curtailed by passive social regulations.

Both men and women have an active role when it comes to relationship matters. If you like a guy, it’s normal to ask for a date. Most men consider the approach to be awesome, and also, men love brave women. Remember, we are the 21st century; what a man can do, a woman can do better.

How to ask a guy out

To be a champion in your expeditions, you have to play your cards right. Rule number one, you need to ask in a way that no matter what he responds, you will not be emotionally affected. Take it to be a normal thing, and don’t take it personal; men are rejected daily, but they continue with their lives without carrying the rejections into lives. Therefore, prepare for either a no or yes answer, and life has to go on.

• Preparation

Before you ask for a date, do some background research. Who are you dealing with? How does he spend his leisure? What are his preferable joints? What are his free times? Ensure you know much about how he spends his free time. You can do this by throwing friendly rhetorical questions at him. In this way, you will create a friendly bond, and rarely will he reject your offer.

Once you have gathered his whereabouts data, next is to put down the primary discussion. In other words, what are you going to say? It’s not so complex; it’s simple, like ‘wanna have coffee Sunday evening?’ Ensure you are extremely clear, simple, coherent and brief on what you are going to say. It doesn’t matter if you look flirt or desperate. It’s an opportunity that you should exploit using various contexts.

For your information dropping hits and then lack clear roadmaps of the conversation will make you look gibberish. Men are simple beings; just be clear.

• Execution

Now that you have done with preparation next when and how are you going to execute your preparations. You can do it either by technology or face to face. So, which one is best? It’s advisable to do it face-to-face. Men are fragile beings, and decent men cannot decline ladies’ requests.

But where will do it? It can be at the bus stop, lunchtime, or even when he is around you or with your friends. Ensure you are very comfortable when you approach.

It’s simple, ‘would you want to see the new film together in the theatre on Sunday?’

From above, you should have learned that you should be clear on what to say, and face to face works better than a phone call or WhatsApp message.

Direct and indirect approaches to get him to go out with you

In your moves, you should be either direct or indirect. The choice is yours. You do it using the following tactics:

• Why not ask for a coffee?

This is one of the perfect indirect ways to ask him out, and no one rejects coffee! As said above in the preparation section, you have to create some bond with your catch before you ask for the coffee. Rarely do people reject coffee requests of the people they know. In fact, most men tend to say yes to the coffee request to impress these ladies. And if he rejects the offer, don’t take it personally, you’re so beautiful; you will have your way sometime either with him or someone else.

• Think of a group date

If you don’t know much about him, the group date is the best alternative. This way, you show the signs of not making the things that big, and he will not object.

You don’t have to do it by yourself; you can ask your friend or friend to manage the whole thing by ensuring that he doesn’t miss the prescribed group date.

This will provide you with an opportunity to know him better in terms of how he handles social gatherings. Also, it’s a perfect chance to impress your catch with your inborn talent and flirting skills. But in your flirting process, never go overboard; some men are susceptible to petty things and like some social decorum.

• Why don’t you hang out in his places?

Do you want him but you don’t want to invite him for coffee or a group date? Then consider hanging out in the places he hangs out. Remember, if you meet someone simultaneously in the same place, psychologically, you will end to be friends. You will greet each other with gestures before you know each other, and at the end of the day, if you’re strategic, you will end up asking for a date. You can use a move such as “my buddy on the first floor invites you to our drink at our table. Would you mind joining?”

• How about asking his best friend to introduce you to him?

This one of the best ways to show him that you know his surrounding; hence, he should be comfortable with your presence. Ensure you have a good relationship with his trusted friend. Ask his friends his likes and dislikes. Let the friend invite him to where you are; later, let there be a brief introduction and spend some time together. The friend should keep a low profile and indirectly control the conversation. Ensure your moves are not known at all.

Bottom line

Asking a guy out is not a matter of life and death. Rejection is part of your schooling. This will make you know the mistakes you made in your advances and rectify them. Also, the guy may be in a serious relationship or not interested in women. Therefore, it doesn’t imply you are not beautiful or good enough. It means you have not found a person that treasures you and understands your true value. Your Mr. Right will come your way; patience matters. Use the above tips, and all will be well.

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