How to Get A Guy to Ask You Out Over Text

So, you met a guy at the bar or a friend’s party last week, and you clicked? And you have not been that polite in your texting; your texts are like -‘good morning honey”? For the whole week, the two of you have been engaged on flirty exchanges, but he has not made a move to ask you out! The article has what it takes for him to ask you for a date. Read on!

If you are ready for him, then count yourself lucky. The piece will share some profound insights that will make a man yearn to see, hence, asking you for a date.

So, what are you supposed to do?

• Avoid long texts

Look at the entire texting avenues such as Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, and Snapchat as a way to meet the person. In other words, don’t overstay in these texting arenas; meet the person. So how will you make it possible? Once a man wants a lady, he automatically asks for a date.

Avoid long sentences in your texting. People are busy; rarely do they read or take serious long sentences. Also long sentences make contexts lose the intended purpose, in addition, one can study you easily. Keep it short and simple. Besides, in your short sentences, give hints.



“I have always wanted to go to that park.”

“My friend told me the bar is extremely cool.”

“How about I join you.”

The above sentences are short, simple, and strategic—and they give hints.

But if he doesn’t react to such hints, cool down. There are so many ways to kill a rat. You can come up with the other tactics.



“Tomorrow is a weekend, and my phone yearns to know the owner of these beautiful texts physically; please don’t disappoint my phone.”

Guys love creativity, and such an idea will make him to have no other alternative apart from asking you for a date.

• Exploit the joke avenue

This is one of the best techniques when flirting with a guy. Jokes make you sound real and portray you to be an outgoing person on the other end. The joke should be an inside joke and must portray the “us against the world” aspect. The “Us against the world” aspect will make him think more about you and understand the practicability of the whole issue. And the joke should be somehow be rhetorical, meaning, it will make him express himself further.



Imagine, it’s you and mein this world, and the snakes are plenty. Remember, I am snake phobia, and I can’t step anywhere the snakes have passed. It would be best if you carry me ever. How will you handle the situation? For your information, you’re my man, and you need to protect me, don’t tell me you are snake phobia too!!

Such a joke will make him laugh first because you have fixed him in your last sentence. Next, he will tell you all the measures he will design to ensure you’re safe in such a dangerous environment. Carrying you will make you think of being responsible and romantic. In that context, he will feel you more. Therefore, he will end up being much into you and ask you for a date.

• Be a challenging woman.

Do you remember the saying that goes, “Easy come, easy go?” Meaning, if no effort is involved, it’s not worth taking it. Honestly, any serious person in life is not interested in a person with has no standards and is easily available. Standards are the order of the day. If you’re over available, you’re idle, and society, men included, doesn’t want you.

Please don’t make it easy for him; he will either ignores you or stop chasing you. Soon he will lose interest and get bored with you. You can prevent this by;

• Not replying to his texts within five minutes.

• Challenging him in most important aspects of life

• Not canceling your schedule when he wants you out, meaning you’re a busy lady.

This way, it will make a man respect you and think meeting you is a favor; hence, once you give the hints, he will grab the opportunity with two hands and ask you for an out.

• Why not ask him for some advice?

Any man wants to fix things for a woman. That is how they were created, and they feel honored if they are asked for help. Why don’t you be that woman that needs advice, and a man will consider himself to be in a position of helping you. Men were created to feel that they know more than women, and if you reject his help, it means you don’t love him.

Once you ask him for help, he will see himself valued, and he will do his best to prove that he’s worth it. This includes meeting you.

• Use Never Have I Ever game.

This looks suspicious, but it can work wonders. Once the game hits the road, the man will want you no matter what it takes.



“I’ve never sent nude pictures.”

If he answers he has sent, you ask another question. But if he has never sent, it’s his turn to ask you a never question.

This provides with an opportunity to introduce craziest topics which will make him more interested in you. This is the best method of flirting.

• Avoid excessive smiling emojis.

Serious ladies are not jokers. This implies that competent men perceive smiley emojis to be either for jokers or childish. You can smile, but don’t overdo it. Don’t miss on your man because of something petty like an emoji. You can prevent it, and you can that serious lady that every man to spend some time with.

• Avoid daily updates

Have you ever heard futuristic men talking? What do you realize in their conversations? Well, If you don’t know, when men talk, they exchange either facts or ideas with each other. That is how your communication with him should be. Men have two problems, if you tell them the entire story, you are giving them too many facts, and if you tell them a long story that doesn’t have a meaning, they don’t understand a thing.

The following are an example of the sentences that you should avoid.

I just ate Pizza. I’m so full at the moment.

My counterpart has sick leave. I have to work as hard as possible.

With the above sentences, what do you expect him to do? Mostly he will not react to them, and some may even respond rudely.


Final thoughts

Getting a guy to ask out over a text is not that difficult; it all depends on your texting prowess. Remember, you are not looking for a job; hence, avoid being so official. Be friendly and open-minded. The other thing you should avoid in your conversation is the friend zone conversations. In your texting, proof that you are here for serious issues but not friends related stuff.

The guy will only want to meet you if you carry yourself maturely and responsibly. No one will want to meet a joker or a childish behavior lady. Therefore, in your chats, confine yourself to the parameters of responsibility, maturity, and futuristic.

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