How to Get Your EX Girlfriend Back When She Has Moved On

When a relationship begins, we rarely think of its end to be painful. However, the truth is that losing your girlfriend for a lifetime might hurt deeply. The urge to mend things between the two of you might be so strong, but what if she has already moved on? Even though it’s difficult and requires some tactical approach, it’s not impossible after all. While she might have moved on, it doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t or isn’t attracted to you to love you and respect you the same way she did. Here, you will get tips on how to get your sweet ex-girlfriend back even if she has already moved on. But before then, how close are to getting your ex-girlfriend back?


Factors to Consider While Thinking of Getting your Ex-girlfriend Back

I know this might hurt many but it’s better said than omitted. Despite following the tips we will offer, some men will rarely get successful in this. The success of this whole process in most cases is built on the nature of the relationship you two had. So, consider answering the following answers to yourself truthfully before starting on your mission to bring your ex-girlfriend back.

  • Had you dated for ample time before parting ways?

Dating for at least six months is regarded as adequate to judge the quality of a relationship. People who dated for at least six months before parting is at a higher chance of reuniting than those who dated for less than six months.

  • Did the two of you share a meaningful connection?

While some people may bank their efforts and thoughts on physical intimacy, there stands something greater- emotional connection. Emotional connection is the real reason why one will get back to their partner even after good sex out there. Sounds ridiculous but it’s factual! If you had quite some strong emotional connection, consider yourself lucky in the pursuit to bring back your ex-girlfriend.

  • Was your relationship built over great and mutual friendship?

If your answer is yes, well, you probably got it right in emotional connection earlier. In a similar way, people who fostered a great friendship, have a better chance to reunite compared to those who didn’t.

  • Lastly, how was your breakup?

A nasty breakup, in most cases, will automatically mean that there is no possibility for a reunion between the two of you.

However, never say never! You might still try getting your ex-girlfriend back regardless of the odds of your success.

Tips to Get Your Ex-girlfriend Back When She Has Moved On

Chasing a lady you just broke up with and chasing a lady you broke up with and has moved on are two different things. While you would possibly buy roses and go seek forgiveness from your ex-girlfriend who you just broke up, having her move on takes the challenge to a whole new level. Most of the tips to follow are based on a psychological approach rather than a direct approach. Consider the following tips:

#1- Interrupt Your Ex-girlfriend’s Process of Moving On

Don’t get me wrong! Interrupting your ex-girlfriend’s process of moving on doesn’t mean wreaking havoc in her life when you see any male approach her. Neither is it acting with paranoia or getting brutal with word and pestering her. In fact, when you go pestering her about giving you guys another try when she has a new boyfriend, you will nearly always get a no for an answer.

Interrupting your ex-girlfriend’s process of moving on is a simple thing to do. Starting it all with interaction is the most basic and foundation move to interrupt the moving on process. However, you need not interact with your ex-girlfriend like an amateur or pestering her. All you need is basic interaction like a call or text out of care to create a spark of attraction in her towards you.

#2- Do Not Make Any Desperate Move

The last thing you wish to look in the eyes of your ex-girlfriend is a desperate ex-boyfriend. Even the sound of the name ‘desperate ex-girlfriend’ feels pathetic to mention. Some of the desperate moves to make include talking about you fighting for her, and overly repeating that you want her back in your life.

In most cases, this is decoded as a move out of jealousy that you don’t wish to see your ex-girlfriend date someone else. Even worse, it makes your ex-girlfriend’s ego elevated, and it’s rare that she will consider dating you back. The choice of words and actions towards an ex-girlfriend who has already moved on is therefore crucial. Remember, this is not just a girl who has a broken heart and wishes to hear of how much she is loved, but a lady already loved and tranquil of mind.

#3- Ask Your Ex-girlfriend Not of Her Boyfriend

Amongst common mistakes people do is talk about their ex’s new partners. That’s a weak move and actually a pathetic one. Why would you wish to know about your ex’s after all? The only reason I find for asking about your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend is for comparison matters.

Comparing yourself with her new boyfriend is doing yourself harm. Silly to do, you will be looking for a loophole to exploit something your ex-girlfriend might hate you for if she realizes. Getting your girlfriend back isn’t the ‘I can treat you better than he can’ vibe to pursue. It is a more mature and rational pursuit won by using your mind as the weapon and not lame phrases.

#4- Practice Random Acts of Kindness to Your Ex

Probably the only direct approach in this list, practicing random acts of kindness is a perfect way to have the ex-girlfriend notice of your endless care for her. Think of a birthday gift for her. Think of checking on her when she is ill. Think of helping her from problems as a ‘caring being.’

Nothing moves people in the world like acts of kindness. So, you have one shot to capitalize on when it comes to direct actions towards your ex-girlfriend that’s acts of kindness. Random they should be to avoid raising eyebrows over your true mission. Overdo this and you will get smoked out as a crafty ex-boyfriend.

#5- Make Her Attracted to the New You

After break up, what you do really matters! And true to the word, your ex-girlfriend would rarely get attracted to the same man she left. She would not even settle for a lesser man than you were when you parted ways. Therefore, think first of rebranding yourself. You don’t need to unleash that new sports car to have her back. All you need is work on achieving your personal goals that really matter. Talk of a plus for your career, a new look, a new and great hobby, or getting your body back to shape confidence, and even emotional intelligence. Petty some of the tips will be but they really play a major role in depicting the change in you.

Your ex-girlfriend will definitely love the new you and this might work to your advantage in getting her back. However, avoid saying by yourself how you might have changed to her directly. Let her see it by herself, through your activities in your social media, or through mutual friends.

Wrap Up

Getting your ex-girlfriend back even when she has moved on isn’t an as hard thing like it seems. All you need is the above tips blended with confidence and composure in what you’re doing. Contact your ex-girlfriend really matters but try not to overdo it. The whole process should happen naturally. With time, you will find her confiding in you or wishing to spend more time with you, and finally, you will have your love back!

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