How to Get Your EX Girlfriend to Want You Back

Is it possible to get my ex-girlfriend to want me back? This is a question that most men ask, mainly if the breakup or split occurred due to their faults. However, the answer is yes! If your girlfriend loved you and you had a great relationship, you have the chance of her wanting to get back with you. But, keep in mind the process is not as easy since you need to win her all over again.

From your side, take time to reflect on you, the relationship you had, and what could have triggered the breakup. Then, work on yourself and come up with ways to drive your girlfriend back to you.

Here are a few methods that you can use to motivate your girlfriend to want you back.

  • Follow the no contact rule.

This is a crucial rule to follow if you want to win your ex back. It may be challenging to keep distance mostly if you were used to seeing or communicating with each other often, but a little bit of distance is good for healing. You both need time apart to heal and reflect on what went wrong in your relationship.

Besides, constant calling or “bothering” your ex-girlfriend may aggravate her anger towards you and even end up blocking you out of her life completely. So, give her some time to cool down, heal, and even for her to miss you. Trust me, after a while; she will contact you if she misses you.

  • Please don’t stalk or contact her on social media.

The constant reminder of your ex-girlfriend, especially if she is having a good time or seems to have moved on with her life, will do more harm than good. During the period of no contact rule, try to avoid her entirely, including viewing her even on social media. Don’t let her see that you are wallowing in sorrows to lose her by posting sad and emotional messages on social media.

If need be, take some time off social media or block your ex-girlfriend temporarily until your mind is clear and you have healed to the point of wanting to talk and see her.

  • Don’t bad mount her.

Even if you are hurting, never attempt to talk negative things about your ex to your friends or even the women you meet during your breakup period. Remember you have familiar friends with your ex, and the last thing she wants to hear is that you are bad mouthing her to your family or friends. She won’t respect you or even want to get back with you if she finds out you are not saying nice things about her.

So, after you split, try as much as possible to keep things private, and if you have to share with people close to you, use diligent in explaining what happened. You can say you are on a break to work on each self before getting back things on track. Don’t make it too apparent by deleting her pictures on social media as it may create suspicions about your relationship status.

  • Do the things that brought you together.

This is a crucial method to use to lure your ex-girlfriend back to your life indirectly. Most men make the mistake of rushing things when their exes finally decide to talk or even hang out with them. But, you don’t want to push her away or cause her to lose interest in you so soon. Therefore, work hard and cultivate for your relationship afresh as you figure each other out. So, if going skating or going for bowling is what you and your ex liked doing before, do those things.

In this process, make sure to avoid bringing any discussion about getting back together as a couple. Also, keep in mind that even if your girlfriend wants to hang out or go on a date with you, it does not mean she immediately wants you back in her life. Just be there to have fun and a great time as friends.

  • Work on yourself

Remember, you and your ex are in a friend-zone and thus, don’t forget about yourself and the things you love doing away from her. Go out with friends and even make an effort to meet new women as well. Take this period to reflect on what you like and learn more about women through other women that you meet. Talk to people close to you like friends and ask for advice where need be.

By doing this, you will be able to move on and even forget about your ex if her memories are draining you. Trust me; if a woman realizes that you no longer have much interest in her, she will feel left out and miss you. . It is a psychology game that pretty much works well.

  • Invite her on a “date.”

Don’t just wait for the ex-girlfriend to initiate conversations once you have come to reasonable terms. It is useful to once in a while, invite her on a date or a movie. However, keep such dates pretty much casual and not a big deal. You can ask her if she wants to go with you to view a newly launched movie or try out a new restaurant you saw in your town. Such invites work great instead of saying you are inviting her on a date.

Keeping your ex-girl in your life is good since it works by bringing back the great memories you had together before. Besides, you don’t want her to forget about you entirely, so still keep doing the little things you used to do before, even if they are not romantically attached.

  • Avoid dwelling on the past.

Take this as a fresh start where you are both meetings for the first time. Anything that happened before mostly that was hurtful to either of you try to avoid bringing it up in your conversations. It may make her feel uncomfortable around you, and you don’t want that. If she brings up the past well and good, but don’t be the initiator of such conversations. Instead, focus on creating new adventures and memories with her without attaching the past to it.

  • Spoil her

Does your ex-girlfriend love flowers or chocolate? This is a great time to get her favorite flowers or chocolates. The small things you used to do that made her feel special, do them, but don’t show desperation when wooing your ex. Remember that you don’t know if she wants you back or she wants you as a friend.

So, don’t expect too much when doing these things. Such moves will instantly get her attracted to you and want you back in her life. Women love being spoilt with love and beautiful things that make them feel special. So, if you did it once, rest assured you can do it again too.


These are some of the steps or methods to use if you want your ex-girlfriend to want you back. However, note that she will not guarantee that she will get back to you, especially if she has moved on with her life. Another thing worth noting is that it may take your ex a long time to want to even establish a friendship with, especially if you had a nasty split. But you have nothing to lose trying to win her back, right!

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