How to Invite a Guy Over Without Sounding Desperate

As a society, we are used to men making the first move when they notice a woman they are interested in. But, I believe things have changed now, and a woman can also make the first move. But, technically, as a woman, you need to be careful of how you approach the man, so you don’t end up looking too needy or rather desperate.

On the other hand, some men are also shy to feel too intimidated to approach a woman to ask her out or express their feelings. So you never know the kind of man you are dealing with unless you try it out yourself.

So, if you are a woman who is going through this situation, this is the right article to read. We will provide you with some guidance on how to invite a guy over without sounding too desperate.


Be casual

You need this guy to be as comfortable with you as possible so you can engage him in what you are looking forward to with him. Make sure all your conversations and activities you do are casual and comfortable for both of you. Also, you don’t necessarily need to invite him over directly, and you can choose to do an activity that both of you enjoy doing before you “shoot your shot.”

For example, invite him for a drink or dinner after work or over the weekend. As you have your conversations, suggest to him maybe you can take your discussion somewhere cool without many distractions. Keeping in mind, you can’t have a comfortable conversation at the bar since it is too noisy and again, you cannot take too long in a restaurant, mostly if you are done with your meals. It will be easy for him to agree without overthinking.


Make the conversations about you.


It does not matter whether you have known him for a while or for too long; as long the two of you are comfortable with each other, it is up to you to create a good vibe. So, text or call him regularly and randomly to know how he is doing. You can tell him about how you miss his company or how much you would want to meet him.

But, keep in mind that you don’t want to come out as too needy. You can invite him for a new occasion. It could be a friendly birthday or buy two tickets and ask him for a movie. Men also love surprise fun invites, and they find it hard to say no to women. So, go to the party together or the cinema and work your magic while you leave the event.


Tag along with your friends


This is a crucial tip if you are dealing with a cool guy or a shy guy. Trust me, sometimes it can be awkward when having conversations and maybe have nothing to talk about. So, having other people around will somehow break the ice, and the guy will get to know another side of you. With friends you have known for a long time around, you will be more comfortable.

How you have fun and have significant interactions with your friends will draw much curiosity to him about you. Besides, if you introduce him to your friends will build more trust in you since you are introducing him to the people close to you. So, the next time you invite him to spend time with you, it would be so much easier for you and him as well.


Flirt with him


Flirting with someone means you are comfortable with them or have a strong feeling towards them. So, if the guy is taking too long to notice your intentions towards him or the kind of relationship you want with him, start to flirt with him. However, you need to know the limit when flirting with him. Know what he likes and what he doesn’t, so you don’t go overboard.

So, what he wants, use it to your advantage and draw him to you. If he is shy, make him feel more comfortable around you and if he is not a shy guy, try looking directly into his eyes every time you are having a conversation. You can hold his hand as you talk or tap his shoulder when laughing. Involving physical flirt moves will spark some feeling in him if he likes you.

Besides, it is easy to know how to behave around a guy depending on how he looks at you when flirting or casually speaking. If he feels your flirting vibe and is responding positively, know you are on the right track.


Ask for his help


This is another trick that will lead a man you like right on your doorstep. Men love being needed, and if you ask for help from them, they will for sure feel essential and necessary in your life. So, if other tricks have not worked in getting the man to come over to your place for some quality time together, try out the scheme of asking for help.

For example, does your bathroom sink leak, or you want to fix your clothes closet? Ask him to come over to your place to help improve them. If your car breaks, let him be the first person to know, and ask if he can help. So, please take advantage of that moment and express your feelings or desires to him.


Show interest in his love life


If a person asks you about your love life, it shows they are interested in getting to know you or are interested in you. So, if the guy has never asked you whether you are in a relationship or it has never been a topic of interest to you, you can use it as a way of inviting him over.

For example, you can tell him to come over for dinner over the weekend “if it will not get him to trouble with his girlfriend.” Also, note that this is a trick you can use to know if a guy is dating or single. The reason being, if he is single, he will tell you he does not have a girlfriend. Well, if he likes you too, I believe he will find this as an opportunity to spend time with you.


Use your mutual friend


Well, you can use your familiar friend in a better way to get your crush to like you and want to spend time with you. If you have a familiar friend with the guy, tell her/him about your feelings towards the guy and how much you would like to date him.

Your friend can help bring you together by telling the guy about your feelings and how the two of you would look great together. Remember, the first person we look for approval from when dating is a friend. If the friend roots for the two of you, I believe the guy would want to get to know you better.


Use incomplete text messages


This is a mind game that works to get a person that you love. Sending shy and incomplete messages makes the conversation more exciting and engaging as well. Sometimes it is good to leave some hint for the guy to fill for himself. However, please make sure the leads are about your feelings towards him. In other words, create cute advances towards the guy about your feelings and how much you would want to spend time with him.

For example, you can text him’ there is something I have wanted to tell you about I don’t know how you will react”, or would you like to go on a…… never mind. These are some of the messages that show you are interested in the guy but shy to express your feelings. They will enable him to open up too and ask you out instead.


Invite him out on his birthday


Is your crush’s birthday coming up soon? Well, take advantage of the moment and treat him. You can organize a small birthday party with his few friends and surprise him. But if he is the type of guy who does not like different parties, you could invite him on a particular date for just the two of you.

Don’t tell him you are planning the birthday, but rather do it as a surprise and I am sure he will love that. Get him a birthday gift and cake for his birthday too. Make sure to flirt with him as you tell him he is a particular person in your life as you enjoy your dinner. All these great gestures will be enough to get him




These are the easy and most effective ways to invite a guy over without sounding desperate. You need to create a good friendship with the guy and get to know him well before making any move. Also, learn how to approach the guy since people have varying personalities.

If you don’t know how to start conversations, consider using a friend that both of you are comfortable with to introduce you to the guy or tell the guy about your feelings towards him. Also, be consistent in your conversations and meetings. At the same time, leave some room for the guy to miss you.

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