How to Make Her Miss You and Want You Back

Relationships can be tricky. They don’t always work out the first time around. Oftentimes, there is one person that starts to feel regret that it didn’t pan out. As a man, you have to understand that women think differently. They are not thinking about you necessarily at all, so you can’t necessarily assume because she’s on your mind, that you’re on hers. In the following article, we will delve into the female mind. If you want to do things that make her miss you and want you back, then read on. You’ve come to the right place.


Stop Assuming

The number one reason that relationships fail is that there is a lack of proper communication. You may not have been listening to the entire time. If your relationship was filled with break-ups where she would truly tell you she doesn’t want to be with you, then try to remember the reasons why. If she was saying that you are too old, too poor, etc. the chances are, these were exactly why she was waiting to break up with you. Her true feelings came out and she told you the truth. If you actually want to be an adult, then you have to stop assuming she actually does want you back at all. She could be glad to be rid of you. So, don’t just assume that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and that she misses you.


Evaluate Why You Want Her Back

The above paragraph is all about those guys that think that someone who dated them actually liked them. The girl could have been dating you out of pity, fear, fear of being alone, loneliness, or even just because you were so forceful. If you were in a bad relationship, you should move on. You need to realize that she didn’t even want to be with you in the relationship. You might just want this person back because your ego is wounded. You might feel that she actually did like you but get over it because she never did.

Now you need to try to remember what the relationship was actually like. If you were in a healthy relationship, then she probably enhanced your life in some way. She had a great work ethic or she was off the charts in the looks department. You might have felt like you could live together and really be best friends. There were probably bad aspects too, but to actively try to win her back, you need to be in tune with why you want her back. If you want someone to cook with and tell stories too at the end of the day, try to remember if she was actually interested in that. Maybe she wanted to go to Netflix and take out after her day. You’re not going to change the fundamental aspects of a personality, so make sure you want her back as she is, not how you idealized her to be.


Live Your Life

One way to make a girl stay wild for you is to keep up the friendship after you are split up. You should ask her if she wants to remain friends. Tell her that you regret not having kept in touch with other friends, and open the door to stay active in her life. She will definitely be wondering if she missed out on a nice guy when you had such an amicable break-up. She will be able to see you on social media every day, just doing the things that you enjoy. Make sure you post pictures about your life as well. These can be as simple as an amazing snack. These will show her that you have a lifestyle to offer her. She will see pictures of you going out and being happy, and she will definitely be checking your social medias out. Also, make sure to keep your career in the forefront, because a woman wants a man with the means to support her and spoil her a bit.


Don’t Move On

I know this is stupid and you might think twice about it, but don’t move on. You may think she will want you more when you have a new girlfriend, but that signals to her that it’s over. She probably won’t want you as much after you’ve had girl after girl on a date. If you do date, keep it on the low down. Don’t post about it and don’t talk to your mutual friends about it. I would recommend casual dating if you can entertain the thought of someone else. You are allowed to have a social life, and you shouldn’t sit at home pouting. You actually never know, the dates you go on might have you finding someone even more compatible with you. You have the capacity to love multiple people, so if your new date asks about your past, you can say you’re looking to casually date and maybe more. You can say that you are coming out of a long-term relationship and you want to take it slow. In this way, you are keeping the door open as well. However, if you start living with someone right away, it can be a big turn off for your former love.


Stay in Touch With Her

If she’s willing to write you back in text or anything, then you need to remind her why you’re a great person. You should go about making her laugh and doing all the things that made her fall in love with you in the first place. Be yourself though, because you want to be an enhanced version of you, not a totally different person. She will be checking her phone and waiting for you to text pretty soon. If she stops responding, chances are she’s not into you. Don’t push it and keep texting her because that can be creepy or just annoying. Also, you have to keep in mind that she might now like you as a friend, so if you want to step up your game, you better jump on it.


Tell Her How You Feel

This part of the process is about defining the relationship again. You need to confess to her that your interest isn’t just platonic. Tell her that you really do feel an interest in rekindling things. Try to plan something a little romantic if you are out for coffee. Just a little gift or gesture can work wonders. She might be surprised but delighted. If she’s the one pushing for the coffee dates, then you probably have a little more of an indicator that she’s wanting the same thing. Still, it’s nice to take the lead because it’s way more flattering for a woman. She will feel like you care enough to initiate things and then go from there. You have to be respectful at every phase, but you can pretty much tell at a certain point if there’s a chance. If she turns you down with no explanation or reason why it can’t work now, then you need to figure it might not be the relationship you’re looking for after all.

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