How to Tell If a Guy Is Interested in You

Is the guy I’m interested in into me? As a woman in love, this is a question you are likely to ask yourself so often. Though this question sounds straightforward, it can cause so much confusion, especially if he “preaches water and drinks wine”. However, it is important to know that though men are likely to use words to showcase how they feel, most of them often express their feelings through actions. So how do you know if he likes you?

It is not possible to know what your guy is thinking about you unless you have superhuman powers. And normally, we’re very okay with that. However, if you’re trying to figure out if someone has feelings for you, it can be very hard to find the right answer, especially if you are new to each other or if you’ve not been together for a long time. Fortunately, several proven tips can help you out if you want to know if he likes you.

How to Tell if a Guy is Interested in You

If you are in love with a certain guy whom you’re not sure whether he likes you or not, it does not matter what type of questions you ask yourself to know the truth. What matters is whether the person is interested in you, and how to find out if he truly likes you. Here are several tips that you can use to know if he likes you or not.

*Watching His Body Language

Human beings often tend to turn their bodies towards those they are interested in. Therefore, watching his body language when you’re together can help you a lot when it comes to figuring out if he likes you or not. This trick will require you to pay attention to whatever he is doing with his body anytime you are together. For instance, when you are together, whether indoors or outdoors, try to see the direction his feet are pointing to. Generally, when there is interest or attraction, he will likely point his feet or entire body towards you.

Contrarily, you can also use his body language to tell if he is not interested. For instance, if he tends to close his arms especially when talking to you, it is likely he has no interest in you romantically.

*He Seems Happy When Around You

If a guy is into you, he will feel good and express the feeling of happiness when around you. According to research, any man naturally avoids what feels bad and gravitates towards what feels good. So the next time you are with him, try to find out secretly if he feels happy around you. When the guy feels happy around you, he’ll smile more often, look directly into your eyes especially when talking to you, and seem relaxed.

If the guy is anxious or if he is not interested in you, he will likely not settle down when you’re together, and this simply is because he’s not having a good time in your company. Also, when a guy doesn’t like you, when you are together with him he will not be focused on you, will seem distracted, and maybe will try to look around the room when you’re talking to him.

*Listens to Whatever You Say

When a man likes you, he will closely pay attention to what you tell him. Simply put, a man who is interested in you will be interested not only in you but your life in general as well. If he genuinely likes you, he will remember those things you told him previously, and he will ask you for updates the next time you meet.

*He is Opening Up to You

It is not a good sign if the guy never acts real when you’re together. A guy who likes you will try to open up and tell you anything he has in mind or what he’s planning to accomplish with you in the future. So how can you tell if he’s opening up to you?

One way to tell if he truly opens up to you is by observing if the guy talks about his ambitions and dreams for the future with you. If he opens up to you by talking about what he plans to achieve in terms of your future together, that is simply an indication that he’s interested in you. For instance, if he discusses what career or business venture he intends to invest in, that means he’s opening up because he feels a substantial amount of love and trust in you.

*He Mentions Your Name Often When Talking

When a guy likes you, he will use your name more often in conversations. However, even if he mentions your name frequently in conversations, it is important to be attentive to the way he says it. A good sign that proves he likes you is that he will smile a lot when he uses your name in conversation.

*Caring About Your Needs

When a man is interested in you, he will care not only about his needs, but yours too. When he cares about some of your needs or all of them, it simply means he’s taking you into account. If the guy in your life likes you, he will listen to whatever you say and try his level best to meet what needs you have.

A man that likes you will not meet your needs because you forced him to or demanded it; he will do it from the bottom of his heart because he is interested in you and wants to make you happy.

*He is Interested in What You’re Interested In

Another great way to find out if he is interested in you is to look if he acts interested in those things that you love. For instance, if you like a certain band, a guy that loves you will inform you about anything positive he hears about that band. That means a guy that likes you will always try to make you happy by giving you what you love.

For this trick to work, try to always look if whatever you bring to his attention turns about to be his favorite thing. For instance, if you tell him you love a certain TV show, try to see if he’ll start watching it even if he has never shown interest in it before.

*Introduces You to People

A guy that is interested in you will introduce you to those people he considers important in his life. Has he introduced you to his family members or has anyone close to him told you that he always mentions you? If so, it’s an indication he likes you.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes the best trick to use to find out if he is interested in you is simply asking. Though this may seem nerve-wracking, it is a mature way to handle this kind of situation. If you want to know him better, try to befriend his friends and he will do anything that amuses you to win you over since he will think you’re interested in one of the friends.

Note that these tips might work for all men out there. Therefore, try to find out the ones that you believe will help you when trying to find out if he likes you.

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