How to Tell If A Guy is Jealous of You Talking to Another Guy

It is the job of men to win women’s hearts over; that is how the evolutionary process goes. If a man cannot be convincing enough to a woman worthy of her time and is a catch by definition, the man is sterile.

Jealousy is a defense mechanism that tells your man that he is in danger of losing his prized asset or is facing an imminent threat of the assets being taken away. Some of the reasons as to why men don’t want this are as follows.

• It took resources to win your heart over.

• He has evolutionary benefits over possessing the assets that you offer him. For example, if you are a highly sought-after woman and he has you, his status is enhanced as he has something everyone else desires to possess.

• Losing you to another lowers his ego and status and gives the other man an evolutionary advantage. This is both personal and social. From the social perspective, he may not look as desirable as before to other women as he cannot keep a woman. A woman leaving him for another only proves that he doesn’t know how to do his job. From a personal perspective, it may turn out that he and invested in you, and then another man takes you from him, or he might have seen you as the perfect mate for his family, but the other guy has that benefit of having you as his mate.

It should be noted that if a man gets jealous and he is the insecure type, he might try playing mind games to regain that advantage.

Reasons as to why men hide their jealousy

Men are power envy hence the need to hide their jealousy. You can view it as a masculine thing or the fact that society is obsessed with the idea that men are never weaklings, and it might be right, but men hide their jealousy because of how they view relationships. Men think:

1. Women want strong men, not a bitch

2. I want to hide my cards

3. I should not show to her that I am emotional or eager

4. She should not turn me down

5. I cannot reveal my jealousy when I don’t even know if she has a liking for me

Signs that a guy is jealous of seeing you talking to another

The majority of men feel some jealousy if you show more interest in another man. However, it may not mean that he will react to the situation, call you out, or stop you, but it’s normal for men to feel that way.

Women have never understood the fact that a guy may not like you but also get jealous. A threat doesn’t necessarily mean that he will get jealous due to him having feelings for you; rather, it can strike his ego that sparks the jealousy. No man sever desires to lose a woman to another. The signs:


It should be noted that this is not for all men; this is in most cases for the men who have a low ego, have high levels of insecurity, and have a rather poor dating history

1. He tries rubbing crap in your face

He may try to rub so much crap on your face if it turns out that he is jealous to prove to you that he doesn’t need you.

2. He plays hard to get

Be sure that he will make it a hard learning experience for you because you are talking to other men. He will try pulling away to see how you will like it. He will try conditioning you in learning that in case you talk to another guy, you may have to face the consequences

3. He makes it a power struggle

Men are known to be egomaniacs.

As such, they may not be losing to the likes of you. If it comes clear to him that he is interested in you than how you are in him, he will try to gain power. That can be from pulling away, being passive-aggressive even trying talking to other women

4. He tries making you chase after him

Be pretty sure that if he is jealous, he will make you chase after him. He is a strong man; as such, he will not chase after you, and in case he does chase after you, then be sure that it will not last.

5. He is passive-aggressive

You can never find a guy who openly admits to being jealous. That is the nature of men. Instead, he will do things for you to have a hint that truly he is jealous.

6. He develops that I don’t give a crap attitude.

He may start acting like an asshole, so be prepared. Do not react to it as it will give him power; rather, you should excuse yourself from the situation by simply saying am tired, or I need to go. It would be best if you left him hanging; this will teach him a lesson.

7. He becomes too sweet and charming.

If he acts like this all the time, then it is not strange, but if he is not the romantic type and then suddenly starts giving you lots of attention, you can guess that something is not as it should be. He is probably scared of losing you. That is why he is calling you all the time to check up on you

8. He is weird when you are out without him

Although this can be double-edged, you can never be sure if he is acting weird due to jealousy or because he is genuinely sad because you went out without his presence. If he is acting possessive all of a sudden and starts questioning you a lot, then be sure jealousy is eating him up

9. He shows up

We all need to have some time just for ourselves. We want to hang out with friends, workmates without the presence of boyfriends. If he has a problem with this, it should be a warning sign of jealousy. He starts to pop up at places you hang up with friends more so the male ones then it is because of jealousy, and he is there to check up on you and see what you are doing with them

10. He suddenly wants to break up

Although it is a rare thing to happen when it does happen, you may fail to recognize it as being a sign of jealousy as it is subtle that it hides as something else. But should you dig into the matter deeply, you will clearly see what is happening. Suddenly he wants to end things without having reasons, and then it must be something that he is ashamed and afraid of admitting.


There will be times when both of you will be jealous; it is the nature of human beings. But getting him of the jealousy mode might be as simple as I love you, and if he has any of the signs above, then you are in a better place to tell that the guy is jealous.

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