Signs She Is Not the One

The first weeks of dating are usually the best. You grow close and end up feeling connected incredibly. You are madly in love with each other, and it’s all fun and bliss. Each person is on his or her best behavior – you’re all doing everything in your power to impress. It is not after several months or even a year that you get to find out what type of person you are dating and cut out for each other.

Just as there are signs that show a girl is right for you, there are also signs that a girl is not the best for you. When you start seeing red flags, it is better to gain courage and end it before it is too late. A breakup is better than spending the rest of your life with a partner that’s not meant for you. It may bring you and even your partner a chance to be happier. Marriage is a lifetime commitment; therefore, you cannot afford to play around with it. Below are signs that show she is not the one.


#1. Too Much Arguing Or Always Arguing

Disagreeing about a topic every once in a while is quite normal. It is a sign that you are in a healthy relationship. But when the arguments are too much and when your girl is bringing too much negativity into your life, there is no further explanation here; you need to let go. She never seems to agree with anything you do, and the atmosphere is always charged whenever she is around you. She is supposed to be your source of peace. However, in one way or another, you dread meeting up with her. In this case, no matter how much you think you love her, you have to quit the relationship.


#2. You are Not Yourself with Her

Usually, the first people to notice are your closest friends. They will tell you that you are not yourself every time you are around her. You may be suppressing some of your natural character traits to impress her. You may even change how you speak, how you laugh, dress, and your accent. You may even go as far as lying about your family background or education. Some even deny their close friends. All these to try and fit in her class. The truth is that no one can pretend for a very long time. Therefore, if you have to pretend so that she can like you, your relationship has a fragile foundation.


#3. You are the One Initiating Contact Every Day

Initiating contact shows that you are interested in somebody. It shows that you want to know and be close to that person or are just concerned about their general well-being. If you are always making plans, planning dates, and suggesting outings and picnics, this is a red flag. Chances are, you are not one of her priorities in any way. One way people show their love and interest in something is by spending their time at it. If she is not willing to spend her time thinking about talking or meeting with you, consider letting her go.


#4. Your Intuition Tells You She is Not for You

Our conscience guides us in many ways. Sometimes it even causes us to evade danger. However, most of the time, people tend to assume their intuition. It may be that in your eyes, your partner is perfect in every way possible. She is beautiful, well-mannered, and seems to be really into you. You may even love this person from the bottom of your heart. But if something inside tells you that she is not right for you, it might be useful to listen. Your intuition is always right most of the time. In such a case, you need to bid farewell to your relationship.


#5. You Cannot See Yourself Settling Down with Her

You could be in a relationship for several years, but you still get uncomfortable when she talks about marriage and settling down. It would be best if you did not rush to conclude that you have a fear of commitment. It may be that your love for her is not strong enough to sustain a marriage. In such a case, you should opt-out of the relationship. Staying together for longer will only waste your time and bring your regrets later. Furthermore, you may be losing your chance of ever meeting the woman with whom you are perfectly compatible.


#6. She is Only Nice to You

Some girls can pretend to be nice just so that a guy can like them. This pretense is usually short-lived because once she gets what she wants, that is, marriage to you, she changes for the worst. To avoid such disappointments, you need to be very observant of how she relates to other people. How does she behave at work or a hotel? Is she rude to the waiter? How does she treat your parent or your friends? If you find out that she is only suitable for you, then that’s a red flag right there.


#7. Lack of Trust

Trust and respect are the most significant components of a strong foundation in any relationship. When you do not trust your partner, it probably means that she did something to stir up your mistrust. From then on, you will always doubt what she does, where she goes, or whom she spends her time with. You will even go as far as following her around to clear your doubts. As a result, you will never be delighted with her. On the other hand, she will not feel comfortable. You could solve the issue. However, more often than not, when trust is lost, the relationship is also lost.


#8. You Could Do Anything for Her

Making an effort to make your partner happy is fantastic. You could strive to be a better person and go to various lengths to build your relationship. Nevertheless, if you are getting hurt, going against your principles and beliefs, draining your bank account does not mean you love her. It means that you are willing to sacrifice your general well-being for her. That is not proper, nor is it necessary. When you are driven by a fear of losing her and end up doing almost anything not to lose her, you are on the wrong path.


#9. Conversing with Her is Always a Challenge

It is very natural for partners to get closer and know each other better after spending a reasonable amount of time with each other. You even develop common interests. With time you get to converse more comfortably and for even longer hours. You get to laugh together and be yourself around them. On the other hand, feeling uncomfortable around her, even after being together for long and experiencing awkward silence, shows she is not the one.


#10. Your Visions of the Future are Far Apart

There is no argument here. When two partners want to be in a long-term relationship, it’s just logical to put down their visions and be in agreement. Their visions have to be in perfect symphony. There may be a little compromise, but together you can work it out. Having visions that are far apart is a sign that the relationship is almost impossible. You may be together for a while, but with time, you will get tired. If she is not willing to agree with you and support your dreams, then she may not be the one.


#11. Lack of Appreciation

If you are the type of guy who makes an effort to buy her a gift, surprise her, take her to fancy dinners or even help her in her chores, it is just natural that you expect her to show a little appreciation. Appreciation goes a long way in boosting someone’s ego. Such positive attitudes will strengthen a relationship. On the other hand, if she never sees the effort you are making to impress her, this is a sign of letting her go. Sometimes she may even go to the extent of complaining instead of appreciating. A break up is highly recommended before things get worse.


#12. You’re Always Thinking About Others

This may happen once, sometimes out of curiosity. If you find yourself always thinking about how life would be if you were with other women, this is dangerous. It may be that you don’t love your partner or you are not fully satisfied with her. It is better to let her go. This decision may leave both of you happier as she may find someone who best suits her.

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