What Kind of Woman Attracts a Scorpio Man?

A Scorpio man is a smooth guy. They possess several own characteristics which makes them differ from other guys. These traits include; self-confidence, excessive jealousy, highly sexual, unforgiving, highly competitive, and intense. A Scorpio guy understands himself very well and prefers you to take your time to ensure you understand him pretty well. They don’t give relationships trials, they either love truly or don’t love at all.

Although at first they maybe not be fully contented about it, once they love they do it wholeheartedly. They don’t pretend to love when they don’t. A Scorpio guy takes love seriously and their feelings are genuine. When it comes to love they prefer feeling everything passionately and enjoying every second of love.


A Woman Who Attracts a Scorpio Man

Scorpio guys are super mysterious when it comes to women’s attraction. However, they have several things they do consider to prefer a woman physically. Some types of women a Scorpio man prefers:


  1. Body Shapes: when it comes to women’s body shapes or body types they have different tastes. Since they don’t think similarly, their preference tends to differ. However, in either way, they do appreciate certain body curves. Scorpio man is picky when it comes to women but they completely love them. All body shapes are okay depending on a certain guy. When a woman dresses nicely to her body shape whether thin or not he will pay attention to you. Sometimes they don’t consider physical shapes or whether curves are thin or heavier but how a woman does carry herself.


  1. Dressing: They do prefer a dressing code that is highly stylish and looks sexy no matter your body size and shape. To be drawn to them a woman should be neat and sexy. A woman who does not expose all she got or completely cover herself. Just dress modest leaving a room to excite his imagination. Some do consider a lady in a dress, sexy skirts, and with high heels. A dress or skirt that reveals thighs a little bit higher when seated would stimulate his mind and drive him insane. They will be drawn to you when you are naughty and got brains. They want to be physically and intellectually turned on.


  1. Seductive Energy: Some Scorpio men don’t consider how you are dressed but more on seductive energy flowing from you. Having something to offer to him in life would leave no chance other than taking you would make him or not. Some rarely pay attention to body size and shapes. To them confidence is key, knowing you truly love yourself and got all it takes to keep you going, leaves him no choice of having you. They tend to be attracted to confident women and once they point one they initiate a conversation. They don’t care or even notice women with low self-esteem therefore, a woman who got this needs to boost it to get her seductive energy flowing.


  1. Flirting: A Scorpio man would be easily drawn to you when you take the initiative of getting close to him as well as flirt with him. Showing you’re interested in him without acting nasty would work perfectly. You can approach him and buy him a drink as a way of letting him know he is enticing. He will find it intriguing creating a room for getting to know more about you. Send signals and let him take control and chase you. A hard to get woman, who ensures she is sexually attracted to him and he gets interested.


  1. Being Outgoing: A Scorpio man loves being social and they prefer women who are social rather than reclusive type. To meet a Scorpio man easily just visit any social setting and you will spot several. A woman who is passionate about life, the party life, or outgoing is easily noticeable by Scorpio men. Being more social, outgoing, and being in a social setting is key in drawing a scorpion man.


  1. Responsive: A Scorpio man is charming and always wants to dominate in a relationship. A Scorpio man loves a submissive woman who can let him seduce her and express himself. He doesn’t want his mate to look at any other man.


  1. Devoted: A Scorpio man is sensitive and highly insecure when it comes to relationships. In this case, they feel being hurt and need a woman who can understand them. A woman ready to understand and handle their passiveness as well as their jealousy nature. Sometimes it is not easy for them to express their emotions and feelings which requires a woman who is devoted.


  1. Easy Going: A relationship with two intense people is hard to work. Therefore, there is a need to ensure intensity balances. A Scorpio man is hard to deal with and requires a woman who can handle his anger. A woman should be in a position to make everything right without making the guy feel somehow vulnerable.


  1. Mysterious: They are easily drawn towards a woman who doesn’t tell everything but leaves somethings for imagination. A Scorpio man prefers solving puzzles instead of being given full information.


A woman with ambition attracts a Scorpio man. He doesn’t want a woman who brags because to them it’s being rude. They love a woman who mentions her achievements rather than dreams. A Scorpio man will desire to be in a relationship with an independent woman who has his own goals. A Scorpio man loves an honesty woman and honesty to them is more than anything. They appreciate the truth as it’s easy for them to tell when you’re lying or hiding something from them.


A Scorpio Man in Love

A Scorpio man is highly confident and every time he goes for what he wants. He has a strong ambition in life and going far. Scorpio men are extremely loyal to those they chose and who have shown loyalty to them in return. They don’t cheat on their mates after locking emotional connections. However, their nature allows them to flirt due to their wandering eyes, sexual energy, and mystery.

A Scorpio man is jealous and over-possessive when it comes to love. They don’t desire a woman for a short term but a lifetime. Once they let you in they connect deeply and they rarely entertain casual dating.

Understanding the Scorpio man in love” is easy and hard at the same time. This is because he is more like a frozen river: calm and rigid outside but inside got explosive feelings and emotions. Scorpio men are capable of sensing their feelings and thoughts. This enables them to anticipate what a woman would say before even speaking.

A Scorpio man is highly drawn to a woman who is confident, social, classy, sexy, zest of life, and flirting. Scorpio men are considered different traits to be drawn to a woman. Any woman is good as it all depends on the guy who chases her.


In conclusion, all Scorpio have different tastes and preferences when it comes to women. Love is one of their weakness as once they love they do it wholeheartedly, they become overprotective and extremely jealous. Bonding and loving a Scorpio man is complicated by nature. They love, hurt, and feel extremely.

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