When Your Soulmate Is Not Ready

Love is an exciting natural thing; it encourages people to do many transformative and incredible things. But how do you know that you have the right person? How will you know that the person you have found is meant for you the rest of your life? And also is your soulmate ready or not ready?

If the above questions are troubling your mind, worry not, you’re not alone. You’re in the right place, at the right time with the right people. The article is going to address various aspects of relationships. This will make you understand whether you are in the right relationship or inappropriate relationship, and also you will know whether your soulmate is ready or not ready.

In addition, if you’re among those people who ask themselves “how do I find my soulmate?” with the article’s tips, chances of finding a right soulmate are high. Read on!


Rule of the thump

When it comes to a relationship, the thump rule is that a meaningful relationship is hard to find. Therefore, get to know that not everyone that says “I love you” loves you. This implies that an intimate relationship can be a vital cornerstone of one’s life. In other words, such a relationship can provide both joy and support. But when you find yourself in a bad relationship, it can significantly undermine your happiness.

It should be noted that romance comes easy, but real love, hardly comes. Meaning that the people you fall for may be not in the league you think they are, some may misunderstand you while others may perceive you to be obsessive.

So, what is the way forward?

Below are signs that will you whether your soulmate is ready or not ready.

Signs that your soulmate is ready

Are you confused or not convinced with your soulmate? If yes, look at the following sure signs. If your partner does not feature, that may be a ticking bomb against your long term happiness, don’t commit yourself.

  • Work comes easy

Every relationship needs some work and enough commitment from both parties. Suppose you find yourself in a relationship whereby both parties willingly engage effortlessly without a conflict, that is a clear sign that you’re in a serious relationship and you should commit to your soulmate. It has to be acknowledged that stability and equilibrium are hard to find and create in a relationship. When true equality is attained in a relationship, even hard things are easy to solve.

  • Time will never be an issue

Take this to your nearest bank, for a true soulmate time is not a big deal. Life funnily presents opportunities, especially when people least expect them; hence, it’s upon you to judge the timing and take action. Again, just because at the moment you’re not right to each other, it doesn’t mean that relationship will not blossom. Patience pays.

  • Encouraging a person

Does your soulmate encourage you to become a better person? Do they strive for you to thrive or push you closer to your dreams? If your partner is doing everything possible for you to succeed, then that’s the right individual and you should build your life with him or her. Relationships are all about motivating and inspiring each other.

  • Honesty, honesty, honesty

Honesty is one of the greatest components of any relationship. Your partner should be honest to you in everything, and if the partner is cagey with some information, you may deal with an evil person. But what will propel honesty? The answer is straightforward, communication. Without proper communication, the relationship will struggle to grow, and issues may start to arise.


Signs that show that your soulmate is not ready

Now that you have known the signs of a right soulmate, it’s equally important to know the signs that your soulmate is not ready. Below are warning signs that you’re dealing with a wrong partner.

  • Belittling partner

In a relationship, you’re all equal; does your fiancé belittle you in anything? Do they dismiss your opinions and make you feel stupid? If that is the case, you should be cautious since that is a clear sign of emotional abuse. A person that loves you cannot talk down to you or dismiss your hopes, dreams, and happiness. They support you by demonstrating their love in different situations.

  • A partner who is not there for you

Love is all about sticking to each other. Hence support is a fundamental key for any relationship. That said, a right partner should support you physically and emotionally. Your partner should be there when you’re facing rough times and show you that you’re loved regardless of the situation at hand. If your lover is not there for you, the chances of the partner being there for you in the future are very slim, hence, cut the links. If someone doesn’t show up now, he or she is not ready.

  • A lover who hates your friends

Social isolation is one of the primary red flags that you should be keen on. If your partner is not ready to mingle with your friends and family, that is an early indication that you are dealing with an abusive character. Remember, relationship means building a life together; your soulmate should have no problem accommodating your relatives and family. If the partner avoids them, then that’s an isolation tool, and you should avoid them like the plague.

  • Abusive partners

Abusive partners are a calamity that everybody should avoid. Whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical abuse, it’s unacceptable and inexcusable no matter the circumstance. A partner who loves you will never abuse you. Period!

Abuse is one of the controlling mechanisms that is used by unreasonable partners. Do you want to settle down with such kind of a person for eternity? The answer is no. People should be sober and reasonable, regardless of the situation. Abuses are an archaic, backward, and illiterate way of expressing or solving an issue.

  • Constant liars

Is your partner a constant liar? Or does your partner betray you when it comes to deeds and words? A person that loves you does not hurt intentionally. It should be noted that lying is an intentional hurt and does not have any space in a relationship.

On the other hand, if your partner hides some things from you, or lives a secretive life, that is not someone you should bank on in as much as the relationship is concerned.


What you should do if your soulmate is not ready

The best thing to do if your partner seems not to be ready is to be patient. But don’t be so patient. For your information, you can’t force a cow to drink water. If things seem not to work when you have done your best, they will not work in the future. Therefore, don’t commit yourself in the hope that things will change in future.

Let your partner know your likes and dislikes and be open up when you feel that you’re offended. If see no change, don’t waste your time, people out there are looking for you. And they will really appreciate you.


Wrapping up

Relationships are not that difficult if they are approached rightly. Most people rush as they say “easy come easy go”, such relationships crumble immediately. Be patient and be keen on the above signs, and all will be well.

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