How To Get My EX Back from A Rebound Relationship

When couples who have been together for a long time break up, it is not uncommon for one or both of them to get into a rebound relationship. A rebound relationship is defined by a new relationship that started shortly after a long-term relationship came to an end. Most people who look for rebound relationships are doing so in hopes of forgetting about the pain caused by their previous relationship. They also usually want to forget about their ex completely.

In most cases, rebound relationships don’t last. Eventually, the person who just got out of the relationship will realize that they were just trying to hide from their past, and the relationship comes to an end. If your ex is in a rebound relationship and you still care about them, knowing that rebound relationships don’t last isn’t going to help. It will be your goal to end your ex’s rebound relationship so that you can have another chance. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can do this.

#1 Change Your Behavior

The first thing you need to do to get your ex back is to show your ex that you have changed. If you broke up, there has to be a reason why that happened. Whatever issues you were causing, change them. For example, if your ex complained that you were too clingy, show them that you aren’t like that anymore. If your ex sees that you are more like the person they first met, their rebound relationship might not mean as much to them anymore.

#2 Remind Your Ex What They Are Missing

If you are going to get your ex away from their rebound relationship, you need to give them a reason to want to. This means showing them what they have been missing since you left. When you see your ex, act like you are having more fun than everyone in the room. Let them see the fun person they first met. If there have been things you have wanted to do to work on yourself, this is the perfect time. Whether it is going to the gym and getting in shape or getting a makeover, it will help. When your ex sees that you are working on yourself, they might be open to getting closer to the new you.

#3 Do Your Research

Once you have piqued your ex’s interest by working on yourself and being the person you were at the beginning, it is time to find out a bit more about your competition. It would help if you found out what their strengths and weaknesses are. The first place you can check is social media. You can learn a lot about a person by going through their photos, posts, and the things people comment on their posts. If you can find anything valuable, you can use it later.

If you and your ex’s new partner have mutual friends in common, you can reach out to one of them to find out more about your competition. If your mutual friend likes to gossip, you can get a lot more information from them than you can get from social media.

#4 Hang Out As Friends

If your ex is willing, you should try to get them to hang out with you as friends. Invite your ex to meet for coffee, lunch, or just out for a walk. This will be your opportunity to let them see the new you. It will also be an excellent chance to bring up your ex’s new partner’s weaknesses. You don’t want just to blurt these things out because it will probably do nothing other than cause a fight. Instead, try to bring up one point at a time in a friendly conversation. Even if you have to hint about their partner’s faults, they will still get the point.

If you cannot get your ex to hang out as friends, it is essential that you continue communication so that they see that you are more than comfortable being just friends. If they think that you are hoping to get back together, your plan will never work. Something like that will only bring your ex and their new partner closer together.

#5 Stay In Contact

After your friend hangout, do what you can to stay in regular contact with your ex. You can use this time to continue showing your ex how much you have changed and grown. You can also use the time to find out more about your ex’s relationship. If they start talking about the relationship, let them. They could end up giving you information that you never even thought to ask. The closer you and your ex start getting, the better. Just make sure that you don’t show your hand quite yet. You are going to need to keep your poker face going for a little while longer.

#6 Profess Your Love

When you have solidified your friendship with your ex and let them see and experience the new you, it might be time to let your ex know how you feel. If you continue to drag things on as friends, your ex with just keep getting closer and closer to their new partner. As difficult and scary as it can be to tell your ex how you feel finally, it has to be done.

When you let your ex know how you feel, you should start off by telling them that you respect their new relationship with their partner, even though it is a lie. This will prevent your ex from feeling like you are attacking their relationship and their partner. Next, let your ex know that you are still in love with them. Remind them that you have done a lot of work on yourself, and you have made positive changes. Finally, ask your ex if there is a chance that the two of you will be together again.

Best-case scenario, your ex will realize they still love you, and you live happily ever after. Worst-case scenario, they tell you that they are happy with their partner. If this happens, it might be time to throw in the towel. Your ex probably won’t feel comfortable spending time with you anymore now that you have professed your love for them. It may be difficult to hear, but at least you know, and you can move on.

Final Thoughts

It can be extremely painful when you find out that your ex moved on with someone new so suddenly. You can take comfort in the fact that their new relationship is likely a rebound, and rebounds rarely last. If you follow the tips listed above and you are lucky, you can end up back with your ex, and their rebound relationship will be nothing but a memory.

Some of the tactics listed above may sound dishonest and shady, but you need to remember that all’s fair in love and war. If you are going to get your ex away from their rebound partner, you need to do whatever it takes, even if that means being a bit dishonest. If things work out and your ex leaves their rebound for you, it will all be worth it. If you are able to get your ex back, you need to do whatever possible to make the relationship work.

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