How to Know If a Guy Is Interested in You Through Text

Have you been wondering whether a certain guy is interested in you or not? It can be effortless to tell if a guy has a soft spot for you, especially if you meet most of the time. However, with busy work schedules and the hassles of life, you may never have all the time to see how he reacts in your presence. Thanks to advancements in technology, most people chat over social media.

Today more and more people are weaving relationships via texting than any other period in history. But how can you tell if a guy is interested in you through text? If you are already in this situation, here are 8 of the most obvious clues that should tell you that a particular guy is interested in you by examining his texting habits.

1. He initiates conversations

If a guy is interested in you, he will, for most of the time, start conversations long before you even think about him. Sometimes he will even say hi to poke you as a way of initiating a chat. Once you reply to his message, many more might follow, whether small talk or serious issues.

However, that does not mean he should be the one always to trigger a conversation. Sometimes he will be waiting to see if his previous texts have made an impression on you. But if you are always starting a conversation, then that is a sign he never thinks about you.

2. Responds instantly to your texts

If a man has an interest in you, they will always try to impress you. This includes replying promptly to your texts. Even if a man is busy, he will always find time for the one girl he becomes interested in. It is the nature of a man to show a woman he cares, especially if he has gained interest in you.

The only exception is when perhaps he does not have his phone the moment you text. And even then, he will try explaining why he was not able to reply in time. But if a man takes longer to reply to your texts, it could be he is trying to figure out what he should tell you. If he is interested, he will always have something for you instantly without giving it much thought.

3. Texts you every morning and wishes you goodnight

If a guy is truly interested in you, he will always send you a text in the morning asking you how you spent the night and to wish you a good day. If that is his norm, that is a clear sign that he really thinks about you. Sending you a text in the morning indicates that he has been thinking about you, perhaps fantasizing with you during the night.

But what if he fails to send you a text one morning? Would you conclude that he has lost interest in you? Remember, life is complicated, and for one reason or another, he may completely fail to send you a text. The best you can do is to text him to know if anything is the matter. Should you fail to do so, perhaps when he would have needed you most, it is likely he might lose interest altogether. Who wants to be with somebody who does not care?

4. Shares about himself over texts

There is so much you can chat about with a man over the phone. But when a man keeps telling you about what is happening in his life, about his new job, about his family, then that’s a green light that he is interested in you. Most men will only talk about general topics if they are not interested in you without ever telling you anything personal.

Sharing his life experiences with you through texts should tell you that he feels you are entitled to know. Why? Because every man has that one woman he can confide in, someone he thinks can truly feel for him or appreciate who he is no matter the situation. If he is always telling you about new developments concerning his life, he is simply telling you that he would love to share happiness and sorrows with you.

5. He sends you flirtatious texts and emoji

You can tell whether a guy is interested in you through texts by the nature of messages he sends you. A man will naturally flirt with a girl, especially if they are together. But when he goes to the extent of flirting with you via texts, he is most likely trapped in your charms. Not only will he tell you about how sexy you look on your profile pictures, but he will also get ‘naughty’ sometimes.

Besides the flirtatious texts, he will also include emoji that only you can imagine what he intends to mean, whether it seems like a joke or not. Does he send you emoji such as hearts and kisses? If so, this man is already swimming in a pool of imagination as his interest in you builds momentum. Flirting with you either through messages or emoji is a clear indication he is interested in you.

6. Sends long texts

If you look at the replies you have been receiving from a guy; it is easy to tell if he is interested in you or not. If a man sends short messages such as just yes or no or just answers your question, it means he has nothing more to think about you. However, if he sends long texts even when you say hi, this man is trying to impress you. It means he has more to tell you than you ever thought.

It is like he is trying to get you engaged, plus he has so much to tell you he finds himself drafting long texts when perhaps all you wanted was a yes or no. Besides answering texts, he adds more spice to the conversation, mostly to keep you waiting for more. However, you must evaluate the messages he sends because they could be lengthy, yet having no clue of his interest. If jokes accompany his long texts, he is interested in you.

7. Notifies you of every important event

Does a man tell you about important things happening in his life? If a guy is interested in you, he will always let you know whenever something important happens to him. Did he tell you that he got promoted at work? Did he tell you they were having a party last night? If a man tells you the things he deems important to his life, then you are as important as he feels you are a part of him.

However, if you learn about the man from other people just because the two of you did not meet, this man has nothing in his heart reserved for you. A man is always eager to let you know about new developments concerning his life if he is truly interested in you. If he does not, move on but keep the things as they are without any misgivings.

8. He tries to figure out whether you are engaged or not

Once any man develops an interest in a woman, they will always find out whether you are single or not. If he asks you questions about your love life, he is only trying to see if he stands a chance on you. However, if you are constantly chatting and he never seems to care whether you have a boyfriend or not, perhaps he wants to hit and run. Beware of such men as they behave much the same as one who is deeply interested.

Nevertheless, if you wait for the day some men will ask you whether you are in a relationship or not, you might get it wrong. Some men will not ask you directly but rather weave a story from which they can be able to tell if you are single or not. For instance, if a man asks you about what you think about relationships, he may be trying to see whether you are already in one or you broke up. Men know just how easy ladies can share their frustrations with relationships, so watch for such clues.

Bottom line

If you have been chatting with multiple men, it is easy to tell who is interested in you and who is not. All you need is to examine the kind of texts he sends you. Besides, the frequency of his texts should tell you a lot about whether he is constantly thinking about you or not. If you keenly observe the above 8 clues in your message list, you should be able to tell beyond doubt whether he has a solid interest in you or just playing around.

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