How to Tell If a Girl Is Using You for Attention

We all dream of having that caring partner we can call our better half. However, while most of us are head over heels plunging so deep in the love vibe, we can rarely notice that something is off. Purpose in a relationship is by far one of the common deal breakers in love. While some ladies will fall in love with you for the right reasons, others might be dating you for attention. With a significant number of ladies seeking to fill their egos, there is a need for serious men to stop such relationships before they get hurt. The following are must-know signs your girl is using for attention.


#1- Your Girlfriend Craves Too Much for Compliments

You might have heard people say that women love compliments. True! After all, she is the queen and deserves to be reminded that she looks great in her new shoe, new clothing, or compliments for her natural beauty too. Unless you’re dating a celebrity, a girl who works on their appearance more than usual demanding compliments every now and then is an attention seeker.

Such ladies will even get irritated when you fail to notice and acknowledge slight changes in their hair or nails. Don’t be surprised if they don’t like to give out compliments despite having the fish visibly for attention. She might go extra and drop some negative comments concerning her appearance for you to drop some affectionate praise to raise her ego!


#2- She is a Drama Queen

If your girlfriend is all about drama when she faces even the slightest problem, then this should raise your eyebrows. It might be a bad day at work, a fight with a friend, or a simple quarrel with you at home. Notably, she will create a scene about such petty matters telling nearly everyone about what transpired blaming others for everything.

With such actions, such ladies expect to obtain the attention they need keeping you hooked to offer genuine concern and interest for some boost in her ego. In most cases, attention seekers will blow every petty situation into endless drama until they find the ego boost they crave for. Contrary to this, women seeking love in the right manner will always portray emotional maturity despite the situation at hand. That’s one pillar of a successful relationship- emotional maturity!


#3- She is Rarely There for You

One of the greatest signs she is not the one for you and just an attention seeker is her rare availability during times of need. In most cases, such ladies craft all kinds of lame excuses assuming to be caught up with a thing here or another there. No clear answers will be given to any of the questions you offer about their excuses.

Due to their commitment phobia, such ladies give no room for commitment and future-related talks. Don’t be surprised that such ladies try to gather attention not only from you but also from other men! Despite shipping away her availability at your time of need, attention-seeking ladies expect to have your availability any time they need you.


#4- Your Girlfriend Never Allows You Have Personal Time

Personal space is a great asset for any successful relationship. However, this feels like a foreign concept or calculus to an ordinary fourth-grade student for an attention seeker. Their bigger priority is to have you by their side always especially at your highs. Men too crave space to handle their personal life including deadlines to meet, friends to catch up with, business to settle, or just some lone meditation moments.

However, any attempt to spend time alone or time without her might get her really upset. Plans with friends will in most cases make her feel unappreciated having them devise ways to have you cancel these plans or drag her along. When she makes herself the center of your world, know she is an attention seeker who only needs her ego boosted!


#5- She Likes Hanging Out in Public Places

While this is not an attack on the extroverts, most of the attention-seeking women are extroverted in nature. They will in most cases choose public places like a nightclub over a peaceful and quiet date. Even when you wish to talk about serious matters about your relationship her choices of places to sit and have serious conversations will surprise you.

The unquenchable preference for public places for your dates is all driven by increased chances of being noticed and seen. She will wear to impress eyes out there making her appearance draw attention from every person close to you.


#6- She Never Advertises that you’re Dating

Real love is undeniably visible even from afar! However, if your girl rarely wishes to be seen out there with you by her closest friends or her inner circle, she might be using you for attention and not true love. No photos of the two of you on her social media despite having her post her friends including male besties?

Well, there you have it! Your lady wishes no one knows about you proving her need for attention and not love. It might be that she needs nothing more than just sex as she expands her chances to bump into a man she desires. Most women cannot wait to stamp ownership on men they really want to be with especially to their inner circle.


#7- Your Opinion Matters Not at All

In most discussions, attention-seeking women are rarely concerned about your opinions or feeling about something. They will show minimal interest in your emotions leaving you to battle with your feeling alone. What such women chase for is emotional validation. In this case, emotional validation comes with the need for a person to always listen and agree with all they have to say at all times.


#8- She Loves to Flirt Yet Claim to Love You Alone

Like her daily routine, attention-seeking ladies will flirt with other guys regardless of your presence. They shy not from interacting with other guys who make advances on her. The reason being, they always seek to satiate their endless desire for attention by having several men interested in them at all times. They will even claim that you’re too jealous and insecure for no reason yet just need reassurance from what you feel is quite off.


#9- She is Highly Active on Social Media

Most of the time attention seekers are active on several social media platforms finding time to post and impress their fan base while rarely responding to your texts or calls. This follows their need for being noticed and satisfaction with attention. While social media presence offers social presence, attention-seeking ladies will be obsessed about followers, comments, and likes on their social media platforms.


#10- She Loves Bragging

Being an attention-seeking woman comes with the desire to feel superior to people around. This will in most cases be depicted by showing off where these women exaggerate their achievements and qualities to receive praise. Don’t be surprised when such women persistently brag about themselves and what’s entitled to them to paint an illusion for high value and importance. If your lady does this, watch out since she might be there for the attention she gets from you!


Wrap Up

It is quite hard to build a strong relationship leading to marriage with attention seeking girls. Normally, this ends in separation which would be painful if a man was quite attached to the lady. The above tips can help you trap attention-seeking girls. If your girl shows at least five of the above-stated signs, you might need to stop the relationship before you get hurt.

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